Chairman's Message

Prof. Manjunath V. Acharya, B.E- Civil, M.Tech-Structural, the chairman of LES, Started his career as a site engineer constructing Civil Bridges, Engineering Colleges and Jack Wells, Before finding his true calling for teaching and academic world. After Beginning his 12 year teaching stint as a lecture, then a senior lecture, then he served as Vice Principal and Incharge Principal. He was founder principal, and campus director for one and half at YTIET, Karjat. And CEO of Adrash Shikshan Mandal, Kalyan. Along the way he started consulting for establishing New Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, D.Ed, B.Ed Colleges as well as giving new direction to old ones. To this date, he served on Boards of Several Leading Education Institution. The Tremendous Good will and confident repost by his colleagues propelled him to become the rallying point and take a lead in undertaking the tedeious task of establishing Institution Of The Teachers, By The Teachers, For The Students.

The Secretary

Mrs. Roopa Manjunath Acharya, has mastered the rare art of securing the first rank. Starting young, right thought school, the 10th, the 12th and all the year of B.E(Extc). She maintain the record even her M.Tech. She has served selflessly for over 22 years in premier institute of Mumbai University. Along with Manjunath Acharya, She started and help in bring to reality the dream that was LEELA EDUCATION SOCIETY and Its Institutes. Ever Since, its foundation, she has been handling the responsibility of the secretary of beloved and respected teacher with aplomb. She takes special pride in the service she is rendering to humanity as a practicing Art of Living Teacher

The C.E.O

Mr. Deepak Desharathi, Leela Education Society is our resources person for developing health and truthful relation between GVAIET and Corporate World. Being an Entrepreneur Engineer himself. He understand requirement both Academia and Industry under his giddiness and using his good contact with reputed corporate, the student and staff of GVAIET, will be motivated to interact with the industries, understand their and putting efforts to develop innovative solution to industrial problem benefiting both the Institute and Industries.

The Joint Secretary

Prof. Rajendra Pawar, holds master in manufacturing. Over the past 18 years he has actively involved as a academician across various engineering college in Mumbai. With a vast experience in administrative front as well, his guidance and inputs are valued by one and all engineering and polytechnic in pandharpur (Maharshtra). Addition he has published few International Paper as well. Even Today, he continue to guide students deal with difficulties in numerous subjects while carrying out his duties as a principal aplomb.