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Department of Civil Engineering

About Department

Civil Engineering is field of engineering sciences, related to design, construction and maintenance of buildings, dams, bridges, tunnels, highways and other structures by the use of physical laws, mathematical equations and theories of mechanics. Civil Engineers utilize the available resources(expertise, materials, manpower) to complete the project in the given time span keeping in view the time, expenditure, environmental issues and physical hazards of the project. Civil Engineers can either be consulting engineers who advise on projects and design them, or contracting engineers who turn their plans into reality and maintain the structures once they are built.


• To impart up to date technical knowledge and skills and produce well-qualified engineers in areas of Civil Engineering, which make qualitative difference in this field.
• To inculcate the professional responsibilities to play leadership role along their diverse career paths and develop capability to utilize engineering skills in industry, research centers, and national Laboratories and entrepreneurship.
• To address social and cultural breath demanded of them in the modern society.

Scope for Employment

• Local authorities.
• Government departments..
• Railways.
• Water/electricity/gas companies.
• Civil engineering contractors/consultants. They can also get a job in Central Government, State Governments and their sponsored corporations in public enterprises.
• The private companies offer excellent pay-packages to skilled experienced Civil professionals

Enthusiastic Faculties of the Department

Prof. Manjunath Acharya
Prof Manjunath Acharya is M.Tech in Structures. He has 30 years of Teaching experience. He is well known among students for his teaching skills. His area of intrest is structural analysis.

Prof.P.Shivkumar(Head of Department)
Prof.P.Shivkumar is M.Tech in Environmental Engineering. He has total 15 years experience in Teaching and 15 years Industrial Experience. He tends to make good bond with students with his friendly behavior. His area of intrest are Geotechnical Engineering and Irrigation Engineering.