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Prof. Manjunath V. Acharya, BE (Civil), M-Tech (Structural), PhD. (Robotics), The Chairman, LES, started his career as a Site


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Date 03-08-2013
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Date 02-08-2013
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Student's Comment
Suhapriya Venkateshwaram
(BE 2016) The college has been aconstant source of knowledge and inspiration for me which has not only enhanced my technical skills.
Amir Mohammad
(BE 2016) The teachers seem really excited about what they are teaching. I found that the more interested the teacher seems, the more interested we are during class.
Welcome Leela Education Society

LEELA EDUCATION SOCIETY, shelu is a premier educational institute that offers professional and up to date educational and training. LES offers a platform where, students can stand, visualize, grow and build a bright future for themselves. LES carries out cutting edge research and practical study based on technological advancements. Today, LES has almost achieved a legendary reputation and is also known for its awe inspiring curriculum and research. Since the time it was set up, LES has been working relentlessly towards becoming a premier institute that would attract scholars and brilliant students from all corners of the country.